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K-BACCANALIS Jumper In Black

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About Diesel

In 1978, denim entrepreneur Renzo Rosso founded Diesel to realise his vision of denim becoming a luxury item and a wardrobe essential. He wanted it to be a leader, a company that took chances and carved out a niche for itself in its field. Surrounding himself with an open-minded design team, Diesel set about creating an apparel line for independent people who follow their own path and express their individuality in the way that they dress.

The use of edgy fabrics and alternative designs allowed the brand to grow into one of the world’s premium brands. Distancing themselves from the classic American approach, Diesel built the brand by experimenting with cuts, fits and distressed finishes to create what was, at the time, a revolutionary product.

The brand has expanded to include more than just denim, developing ranges of t-shirts, shirts and outerwear. Designed with humour and fashion in mind, Diesel’s relaxed yet stylish approach has contributed to their success. Firmly rooted in youth culture, Diesel remains at the forefront of revolutionary fashion.

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