Updated: Jan 22

Ever heard of a new year detox? No, we’re not talking about 7 days of juices or just eating celery, We’re talking the wardrobe kind. As we head into 2020, declutter your closet and streamline your getting ready process in the morning by analysing and organising your 2020 wardrobe.

Find our top tips below and look out for our edit on items to instantly freshen up your wardrobe essentials.

Step one may seem like the scariest, but it’s the most important. Take everything out of your wardrobe and put it on the floor or bed; this way you have to finish the job, but you can also see what you’re working with.

We may have been watching too much Marie Kondo on Netflix but after trying it our ourselves this is the best method to get the most out of your wardrobe. Analyse each item and think about when you last wore it. If it was longer than 1 year ago then it needs to go. Decide whether it’s to be donated or sold. The only exception is if the item is sentimental, this goes in a separate pile. If the item is staying, it gets hung up in the wardrobe.

When looking at the items you’re hanging up, it’s also time to start looking at the condition of the clothes; is anything looking a bit tired and needs an update? Is your white t-shirt looking a bit grey? Is your go to black jumper all bobbled?

By updating these essentials in your wardrobe they can make a big difference in your outfits.

After all of your kept items are hung up in your wardrobe, start organising them. Some people choose by colour, but we like to keep them in sections, so all your tops go together, then your trousers, etc. This makes it easier for you to build up outfits when getting dressed.

If you have a strict divide between what you wear to work and at home, then you can also separate it this way; with work clothes in one wardrobe and everything else in another.


Rather than looking at the process as daunting, look at it as cathartic; heading into the new year with a clearer wardrobe that will make your everyday life easier, but also bring you more joy when you wear clothes that you really love!

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