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They’re a staple piece of your wardrobe, an item that we turn to weekly (if not daily) yet, this one item causes the most damage to our planet and is the least sustainable item in your wardrobe.

Ahh yes, the denim jean. A classic, iconic even. Yet did you know, one pair of jeans takes on average, 7,600 litres of water to make. You must wonder what all this water is used for?

First growing the cotton, that in itself involves ALOT of water. Then take into account the dying process, plus any post fabrication effects such as “stone-washed”. This is why many denim brands are making an effort to be more sustainable within their production cycles and do their bit to help the planet.

Here at Thackerays we are really proud that our two ladieswear denim brands are doing their bit to be more sustainable for future generations.

Want to meet them?

Our original denim brand, one we have had a long love affair with and we’re pretty sure we have passed it onto you. We constantly say, once you go J Brand, you don’t go back… and if you’ve tried a pair on you’ll know what we mean! So when J brand started producing their Eco Wash range, let’s just say our heart skipped a beat.

So what does Eco Wash mean?

On everything labelled Eco-Wash, J Brand have used 90% less water to make that pair of jeans, which is more than any other premier denim brand on the market. Further to that, J Brand have set their initiatives to become a wholly sustainable brand, this includes using up cycled materials, and producing sustainable labels, hang tags and hardware.

We don’t want you to worry; just because J Brand are focusing their efforts on becoming more sustainable doesn’t mean they are losing their style, comfort or incredible shape. In fact, their use of tencel (a biodegradable fabric) makes the jeans super soft and comfortable, while still fitting perfectly.

What styles are available in Eco Wash?

We are very happy to say that we have got 4 styles in store from J Brand that are part of their Eco wash Initiative, and we plan to keep that number growing. You can find the different styles below and pop into store to check out what style suits you.

You’ve heard us talk about them, you’ve seen us wear them and boy oh boy, we love ‘em. the great thing about Agolde is that they do the complete opposite of J Brand, yet with the same style points and comfort factor. When we went on the hunt for another denim brand we knew what we wanted; one that dominates the boyfriend and mom fit market whilst also being sustainable. Agolde ticks both of these boxes and many more.

What makes them sustainable?

All of their styles are made with sustainability at the forefront, using leading technology to reduce the impact on the environment (we’re talking lasers, ozone machines and high efficiency wash methods). While this all sounds great, we wanted to make sure the jeans felt and fit great too. Their Riley jeans are made with vertical elastane so you can easily move your legs and the denim doesn’t knee (life-changing!) and their Parker jean are a super comfortable denim in a boyfriend fit which will give you enough comfort to eat a big dinner and lay on the sofa watching a movie without feeling restricted (perfect self-isolation denim).

What styles are available?

All of Agolde’s jeans are sustainable, which means you can shop all the styles while doing your bit for the environment.

Please note that due to Covid-19 our stores are currently shut temporarily. Take note of what styles you like the look of and we will get you fitted when we're back open again!

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