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Cirrus No 3 Steamer is a hybrid between a steamer and an iron, making it possible to steam your clothes any way you prefer. It will make your clothes wrinkle-free, smooth and appealing in no time. The hot steam also reduces bad smells and kills bacteria, making it a great alternative to doing laundry. Depending on how you steam, you can achieve either a pressed or a more natural look with this Iron Steamer. Heating up in 25 seconds and has a high and steady steam pressure, the convex shape and textured surface of the ironing plate are deisgned to enhance the friction between the mouthpiece and the friction.

  • Wearable Ironing tool included to press the fabric against the ironing plate when steaming.
  • Mouthpiece protection cover when not in use.
  • Energy efficent running on only 1000W 
  • 90ml vertical tank, ebough water to steam approximately 3 garments

019840 C130101UK CIRRUS NO 3 STEAMER